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About us


The Asian American Student Association’s purpose is to promote awareness of Asian and Asian-American cultures and issues within the University, the local community, and beyond, in order to foster a campus community more inclusive to AAPI identities. Additionally, AASA serves as a community or support group for all those interested in participating in AASA’s activities. Specifically, the focus of this year is collaboration and self-care.

First, the types of collaboration we envision is not only within board, but with other student organizations, with the local community, and also with the greater national community. On one hand, we want to build a strong and supportive board culture that allows us to integrate our specific board positions and personal skill sets into each AASA event (or as many events as possible). Additionally, we want to reach other to other student organizations on campus and work on building strong connections within the Vanderbilt community. We want to reach out to cultural organizations as well a non-cultural organizations. In particular, as a quite “developed” organization on campus, we know that there are many aspects about organizational management that we can help other organizations with, but at the same time, we know that we still have much to learn. Additionally, we want to illuminate issues and serve members of the Nashville community, specifically the Laotian community in Nashville (the largest Laotian community in the world outside of Laos). With our connections with ECAASU (the East Coast Asian American Student Union), we want to contribute to the 2018 ECAASU Conference by hosting a workshop about organizational development, where we will have the opportunity to share ideas about strategies that have helped us develop better organizational management, and also learn about the methods that that other AASA’s utilize for the development of their organizations.

The other focus of this year will be self-care. Because AASA is a highly active organization on campus, self-care becomes incredibly important for our board members’ physical and mental health. We will integrate self-care into weekly board meetings and bonding events in order to incorporate it more seamlessly into the year. We will also open up these social events to the general AASA body in order to build a stronger community. We want to focus on maintaining good mental health not only amongst board members but the general Asian American student body at Vanderbilt as well. One of our goals for the upcoming year is to implement more casual programming with a focus on building a more tightly knit and supportive community. Examples of this would be study breaks, game nights, karaoke nights, etc.

A Message from our President



Welcome to the Vanderbilt AASA website! Here, you can meet our wonderful board members, learn about our major programs, read the AASA Blog, and find out how to get involved in our organization.

As Vanderbilt AASA, we aim to promote cultural awareness and education about Asian and Asian-American culture to not only the Vanderbilt community, but also the surrounding Nashville community. We fulfill this mission in so many different ways, whether through thought-provoking panel discussions, teaching and learning traditional dances, or sharing our love of delicious Asian food. However, the things we do go far beyond that and make for a truly unique experience. As one of the largest multicultural orgs on campus, AASA strives to build a community - a family away from home. Regardless of your background, there is a place for you in AASA. We welcome all people, because diversity in experiences strengthens our community and facilitates the fulfillment of our mission. We are incredibly passionate about what we do, and we invite you to join us on this journey!

Anchor Down,

Rachel Su
AASA President 2017-2018