Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

SERI: Free To Be

Seri is a Thai word (เสรี) meaning “free, liberated, and/or independent” The phrase “seri Thai” (free Thailand) was widely used during an anti-war movement in Thai history when Thailand was under a military dictatorship that conceded to Japanese occupation. Nowadays, the word “seri” carries a connotation of triumph, hope, and heritage.


What is APAHM?

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM) is a celebration of the culture and history of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the United States. Although APAHM is officially celebrated in the month of May, we celebrate APAHM here on Vanderbilt’s campus in the fall semester from October to early November.

Events Calendar

Join AASA in our celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month!

Join AASA as we kick off our celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month with a photo campaign on Rand Wall! This year’s theme for APAHM is “Seri,” meaning “free” in Thai, so we’re encouraging everybody to break free from the harmful stereotypes holding them back and to embrace every part of their identity. Check out last years photo campaign here.
In a co-sponsorship with the South Asian Cultural Exchange, this event will bring South Asian activist and co-founder of SACE, Deepa Iyer, to campus to speak about Asian activism and why Asian should support #BlackLivesMatter. The event will consist of a presentation by Ms. Iyer and dinner followed by a discussion/workshop-style section.
The learning outcomes are as follows:
1. To illuminate the history of Asian activism and celebrate the place of Asians in American history.
2. To engage in dialogue about #BlackLivesMatter in context of recent events.
3. To discuss ways to take action in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter.
4. To bring together various groups on campus (BSA, AASA, SACE, Greek Life, etc.) in solidarity with #BLM.
Come darty with AASA and SACE before Vanderbilt’s homecoming football game against the TSU tigers! There will be free food with vegetarian options and free drinks, and you’ll get chance to see our grill master Amy Dam in action. Come for a meal; stay for the fun.
Are you curious about the Asian New Year Festival (ANYF) happening in the spring semester? Have you wanted to try your hand at more than of the dances in the showcase? If you answered yes to the aforementioned questions, then the ANYF Preview is for you. Bust a few moves with our choreographers, enjoy free food drinks, and learn about the culture and history of some of the dances that we feature every year.
Immigrant Narratives in an evening of stories highlighting immigrant experiences, presented by student leaders. This event will follow a TED-talk format and serve as a platform for discussion and an opportunity to see how others’ experiences are similar to or relate to our own experiences. Afterwards, a reception will be held in which the audience and speakers can interact one-on-one.
What harm does cultural appropriation cause? With the rise of Asian fusion restaurants, the bindi being accessorized at music festivals and Asian characters being played by white actors, this panel will address where the line between cultural appreciation and appropriation lies. However, Asian cultures are not the only ones being appropriated, so this panel will also discuss the instances of Asian communities appropriating other cultures.
Asia is NOT homogenous, and we have more different types of cuisines from Nashville resturants than before to prove it. There will be live performances, a photobooth, and chance for you to recap the moments that made this year’s APAHM. Bring your friends out to this extravagant feast that marks an end to our celebration of #APAHM2016 and #30YearsWithAASA on Vanderbilt’s campus.
Tickets will be sold for $10 in the Saratt box office starting on October 7 and will be sold on Rand Wall starting October 31 until November 4.

ANTHEM: A Public Art Display

Anthem is AASA’s annual art collection, featuring written and visual artwork from the Vanderbilt community. We welcome submissions of your poetry, prose, photography, painting, and more!

Check out some of the submissions we received last year

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