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Emily Xu

President • Senior • Chesterfield, MO

"AASA has been the central pillar of my Vanderbilt experience and the community that has formed my main support network. Through AASA I have grown tremendously -- personally and professionally -- and the people are some of the most intelligent, motivated, and wholesome you will ever meet! The AASA love is very, very real."


  • Dancing K-pop
  • Taking and editing photos/videos
  • Fangirling over BTS
  • Meeting people for coffee

Fun Fact - Where's Emily? Probably either Rand 307, her bed, MRBIII, or Satay


Christian Raroque

Treasurer • Senior • Dallas, TX

"AASA is family. The people I've met through AASA have been some of the closest people in my life. Couldn't imagine my time at Vanderbilt without the AASA fam <3"


  • Coding
  • Well-being
  • Business
  • Rewatching The Office

Fun Fact - 🐳 I used to casually eat entire boxes of cereal for breakfast. It was like a hobby but not really


Jiyu Cheong

Recruitment Chair • Junior • Chapel Hill, NC

"I love AASA because in it I've found a community of completely selfless and smart people who care about the same issues as I and accept and support me for who I am!"


  • Eating food
  • Going out and exploring
  • Hiking
  • Karaoke

Fun Fact - I have yet to win a game of HORSE in basketball


Joyce Hwang

Special Events Chair • Senior • Mineola, NY

"I love AASA because it is a space and community where I can be free to be myself, while also inviting others into that space to appreciate the diversity and differences of both people who are like me and people who are unlike me! AASA to me has meant learning more about my identity as an Asian-American, and what that means in the context of the Vanderbilt community, and the greater society around us."


  • Being Esther's best friend
  • Loving on Esther
  • Texting Esther when I feel lonely (LOL HI ESTHER <3)
  • Watching/keeping up with Broadway shows
  • Listening to music
  • Pretending I still make time to play music
  • Eating ice cream
  • Reading

Fun Fact - I have never been behind the wheel :)


Grace Wie

Communications Chair • Senior • Johns Creek, GA

"AASA is a space where Asians and Asian Americans can dive into what it means to identify as Asian, to embrace and be proud of our heritages, and to then come together to be voices for AAPI representation on Vanderbilt's campus (and slowly learn to become a voice of solidarity for other POCs on campus as well)."


  • Naps in public places
  • Cooking + trying new recipes
  • Testing the limits of daily caffeine intake

Fun Fact - I finished all 10 seasons of FRIENDS in 3 weeks last summer


Alyson Win

Social Chair • Sophomore • Belton, TX (Austin area)

"AASA is a place where I am surrounded by incredible people that share a lot of my experiences coming from an immigrant family. It's a space where I feel free to explore my Asian identity, something that I haven't been able to do throughout high school. Through AASA I have learned so much about problems not only that concern the Asian American community but also problems within the Asian American community (which is just as important)."


  • Singing
  • Ukelele playing
  • Netflix binging
  • Sleeping
  • Eating dessert (I am always down for dessert pls take me places)

Fun Fact - My first tweet ever was a question for John Green (The Fault in Our Stars dude). He replied answering my question, and I haven't been able to get a famous person to reply to my tweets ever since.


Andy Ahn

Freshman Representative • Freshman • Korea

"Wtih AASA, I want to not only retain my Asian American identity living outside of Asia, but also contribute and learn from the Asian American society here and grow as a person. I hope to experience and spread different aspects of Asian American culture here."


  • Watching soccer
  • Watching baseball
  • Hanging with friends
  • Finding good food places

Fun Fact - Every single city I've lived in before I came here started with the letter S



Rachel Su

Community VP / APAHM Chair • Junior • Saratoga Springs, NY
Check Out Bio

"AASA is a community full of amazing, supportive people who will not only welcome you with open arms, but also continuously challenge your mindset and inspire you to keep on learning and growing. AASA undeniably means family to me."


  • Hanging out with my dog Lily
  • Taking pics of Lily
  • Traveling
  • Writing
  • Eating spicy food
  • Practicing my French

Fun Fact - I spent my summer dealing with climate change deniers. If you spot one, maintain a distance of at least 3 feet.


Jisoo Mun

Community VP / APAHM Chair • Senior • Irvine, CA

"I love the community that AASA has created that understands my experiences as an Asian American and is headstrong on establishing a presence and awareness on campus. I love the friends that I have made that have become family to me."


  • Traveling
  • Taking photos
  • Dancing
  • Instagramming
  • Eating

Fun Fact - If I could become anyone it would be either Nicki Minaj or Beyonce!


Johnathan Guo

Community / APAHM Coordinator • Sophomore • Nashville, IL

"AASA is a welcoming community where I feel at home. I'm surrounded by caring people who are just as passionate about the same issues that I am concerned about!"


  • Photography
  • Instragram (lol)
  • Traveling
  • Running
  • Watching the Food Channel
  • Baking/Cooking
  • Going to concerts

Fun Fact - In first grade, I panicked during the school spelling bee and I spelled "flag" as "flad"



Esther Liu

Cultural VP / LNYF Chair • Senior • Columbia, MO

"I love AASA because of the community of people that work to represent Asian American voices in the Vanderbilt Community. AASA is where all are welcome, and all are celebrated."


  • "Longboarding"
  • Listening to obscure music
  • Obsessing over Lauren Jauregui

Fun Fact - I cut hair as a hobby/side business and subsequently turned my Kissam suite last year into a salon


Crystal Kim

Cultural VP / LNYF Chair • Junior • Irving, TX

"To me, AASA is a place on campus where I can be myself and see everyone around me be themselves as well. It (and the people I've met through it) has taught me to dive deeper into the parts of my culture I do know about and to embrace the parts of my culture that I don't yet know about. And it's not just limited to what I want to know about my own identity, but it invites everyone in. This organization is what YOU make it out to be, so everyone's experience within in it is different. That's why I love AASA."


  • Harmonically analyzing pop songs
  • Dancing K-pop
  • Korean cuisine (eating and cooking)

Fun Fact - My most-liked picture on instagram is of my acceptance to UT Austin


Jasper Lu

Cultural / LNYF Coordinator • Junior • Brookyln, NY

"AASA is family. The people I've met through AASA have been some of the closest people in my life. Couldn't imagine my time at Vanderbilt without the AASA fam <3"


  • Video games
  • Climbing
  • Reading
  • Sailing
  • Coffee
  • Cold brew

Fun Fact - Humans of New York took a picture of me before



Edward Jun

GBM Planner • Junior • Warrenville, IL

"AASA is an incredible community that empowers students to embrace their own identities, have a space to experience Asian culture, and become more aware of multicultural issues in our society. I've been blessed to have gotten to know many incredible people as an AASA board member - Vanderbilt would not be the same without my AASA family."


  • Reading
  • Stocks
  • Basketball
  • Watching quality TV

Fun Fact - I did research at Northwestern Law School in high school


Eric Doan

GBM Planner • Senior • Greenville, SC

"AASA is where i became comfortable with my identity as an Asian-American and it gives me a platform to speak on the issues about which I care most."


  • Cooking
  • Trying new restaurants
  • watching Chef's Table/Parts Unknown
  • Watching sports
  • Destroy Christian Raroque in basketball
  • 2k
  • FIFA
  • Being bougie

Fun Fact - You probably haven't seen me recently on campus because I studied abroad in Shanghai last semester!

Publicity Team


Cindee Tang

Historian • Sophomore • Jacksonville, AL

"AASA is a place where I feel at home and am free to voice my opinions and thoughts and free to discover/be myself. I love AASA because it has made me proud to be Asian American!AASA is a place where I feel at home and am free to voice my opinions and thoughts and free to discover/be myself. I love AASA because it has made me proud to be Asian American!"


  • Going to concerts
  • Eating food
  • Making spotify playlists
  • Photography
  • Being decent at FIFA
  • Binge watching TV shows

Fun Fact - I am a big soccer junkie and I love watching and playing. I'm also an Arsenal fan! (go gunners!!!!)


Nicole Kim

Designer • Senior • Johns Creek, GA

"Being involved in the AASA community has challenged and empowered me to fully embrace my culture and while also celebrating the diversity of cultures at Vandy! AASA is family ❤"


  • Eating/cooking
  • Graphic design
  • Looking at dogs
  • Looking at dog memes

Fun Fact - I'm the shortest person on AASA board 😪


Max Engel

Webmaster • Junior • San Antonio, TX

"AASA is where I connect with other Asian American students. I love AASA because through it I have learned so much about my culture and identity."


  • Watching edgy TV shows
  • Trying to cook
  • Eating at buffets

Fun Fact - I had my Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall in Jerusalem