Alyson Win

Communications Chair • Senior • Temple, TX

"AASA has been the reason I reconnected with my heritage the past three years. I grew up in a rural Southern town in Texas. I could count the amount of Asian people that went to my school on both of my hands, so it was hard to explore my Southeast Asian identity during middle and high school. My AASA big was one of the first people to acknowledge my identity struggles, and it meant a lot to me. Exploring not only my culture, but other Asian cultures through APAHM and LNYF over the past couple of years has been an eye opening. I really appreciate everything AASA has done for me, and it also has given me a tight knit community of amazing people to be a part of as well as some lifelong friends!"


  • Trying new food places (especially Asian dessert)
  • Listening to music
  • Binge watching shows (NINE NINE!)
  • Looking at memes
  • Complaining about pre-med

Fun Fact - My first ever tweet was to John Green to ask him a question and he replied to it! Ever since, no celebrity has replied to my tweets.