Wesley Wei • 魏士理

Publicity Chair • Junior • Danville, KY

"Since arriving at Vanderbilt, AASA has become a home in which I can engage in meaningful discussions about identity and the formation of Asian America. It's a community through which we can celebrate both the commonalities of our roots and the diversity of our cultures. To me, AASA is a creative and collaborative environment that strives to bring out the best in every individual, embracing every change for the better."


  • Spending more time (and money) than I should be in coffee shops
  • Watching RuPauls' Drag Race
  • Trying out (and subsequently butchering) new recipes inspired by my mother's cooking and the night markets of Taiwan

Fun Fact - In elementary school, my peers thought I made the Wii because they didn't know how to pronounce my last name.