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Wesley Wei • 魏士理

Senior • Lexington, KY

"Since arriving at Vanderbilt, AASA has become a second home for me. It's a place where the AAPI community can come together to celebrate the commonality of our heritage alongside our cultural diversities. There really isn't a set way to approach AASA, and the organization's endeavors to meet the community where they're at is what makes me admire AASA the most."


  • Spending more time (and money) than I should be in coffee shops
  • Watching RuPaul's Drag Race
  • Trying out (and subsequently butchering) new recipes inspired by my mother's cooking and the night markets of Taiwan

Fun Fact - In elementary school, my peers thought I made the Wii because they didn't know how to pronounce my last name.


Michelle Zhu

Sophomore • Basking Ridge, NJ

"AASA has presented me with a wealth of different perspectives that have elevated my thinking and challenged my preconceived notions of Asian Americanism. The community and programming have prompted critical reflection on how my cultural upbringing touches every aspect of my life. Undoubtedly, AASA has also been invaluable to me as a young person delving deeper into my identity: it has taught me how to advocate for my communities, be my unapologetic self, and celebrate differences over seeking commonality. I hope AASA can be a positive shaping force for so, so many others at Vanderbilt!"


  • Baking
  • Sailing
  • Snowboarding
  • Listening to ASMR
  • Searching for the perfect cup of coffee

Fun Fact - I can lucid dream! While dreaming, I've been to the Prohibition 1920's (think Great Gatsby), Mushroom Gorge in Mariokart, and my great-grandfather's bee farm in China (a place that apparently actually exists).


Audrey Wang

Recruitment Chair
Senior • Irmo, SC

"I'm Audrey Wang!"


  • I'm Audrey Wang!

Fun Fact - I'm Audrey Wang!


Valerie Kim • 김용원

Advocacy Chair
Senior • Sylvania, OH

"AASA was the first and only community that has given me a place to bravely and critically explore my identity as an Asian American. I have been empowered both personally and inter-personally through AASA, and the space it's provided me has pushed me to better advocate for my community as well as others during my time at Vanderbilt. AASA has been and always will be one of the most impactful parts of my college experience!"


  • Playing instruments
  • Reading
  • Outdoors activities

Fun Fact - I have a forever baby tooth!


Claire Yan • 颜欣悦

Social Chair
Sophomore • Short Hills, NJ

"Initially, I thought I was drawn to AASA because I wanted a place where I could be myself culturally--AASA definitely provided me the space for that. However, after my first year came to an abrupt stop because of COVID, I reflected a bit more on why I wanted so badly to be a part of AASA, even when the rest of my life got busy. The conclusion I came to was that the community AASA has managed to create is purely good. Because AASA creates a space where everyone feels welcome, it encourages the people who benefit from the space to return the favor to the people around them, creating a uniquely warm community that I'm so thankful to have found."


  • Thrifting
  • Hiking (ft. picnics!)
  • Traveling
  • Playing cards (Hearts & Rummy 500) / Catan with my family
  • Fortnite

Fun Fact - I'm the only one left in my family with perfect vision (and a superior phone—Android, obviously, what did you think I meant?)



Tabitha Lee • 李熙雅

APAHM Coordinator
Sophomore • Clarksville, TN • Singapore
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"AASA is the community that I wish I had when I was younger. As a part of AASA, I hope to inspire and encourage other people to think deeply about their identity, share their diverse perspectives, and engage with the AAPI community at Vanderbilt, just as AASA has inspired me. Together, I believe that we can better each other and meet some amazing people along the way."


  • Lifting
  • Playing the same three RPGs over and over again because I'm a coward
  • Watching foreign films
  • Reading

Fun Fact - I first learned how to ride a bicycle at 17 years old!


Jack Mok • 莫楷明

APAHM Co-Vice President
Junior • Jericho, NY

"I owe a lot to AASA: during my freshman year, AASA gave me a community of friends and a way to express my cultural identity. AASA helped me feel like I belonged at Vanderbilt, and I want to make sure AASA continues to help other Asian-Americans at Vanderbilt feel the same way."


  • Cooking/baking
  • Chinese yo-yo
  • Smash (challenge me to a game!)

Fun Fact - I don't measure when I bake banana bread, and I bake it in a non-stick skillet. I have been called a heretic for my practices, but it's more exciting this way!


Reena Zhang • 张诗雨

APAHM Co-Vice President
Junior • Bordentown, NJ

"AASA: Asian American Student Association
n. a platform to speak out about AAPI issues that matter to me

v. learn about other cultures, make new friends, eat good food!

adj. vibrant, diverse, cozy, like home:)


  • Run run run all the day long!
  • Kayaking
  • Singing and playing musical instruments
  • Watching cooking videos on YouTube...then failing at the actual cooking

Fun Fact - A majority of my immediate family is left-handed! Myself included.



Skylar Long • 隆柠韩

LNYF Co-Vice President
Senior • Chongqing, China

"AASA empowers students to embrace their identities, explore their culture, and speak on the issues about which they care the most. To me, AASA has made me proud of my identity as an Asian, and learn more about what that means, not only in the context of Vanderbilt community, but also in the greater society. Most importantly, AASA is family to me."


  • Competitive Latin dance
  • Hip-hop
  • K-pop
  • Suspense movies
  • Eating spicy food

Fun Fact - I am the Queen of Spice and no one can challenge that!


Yulia Lee • 이서연

LNYF Co-Vice President
Senior • Seoul, Korea

"AASA has gifted me with a loving community that has helped me adjust to life away from home. As a Korean American myself, AASA has helped me find my place at Vanderbilt, providing a safe space in which I feel included and accepted. Through conversation not only with the members of AASA but also with the gamut of students that AASA is able to attract to its events, I opened my eyes to unfamiliar topics and challenged my own beliefs. Due to AASA, I realized the great heterogeneity of Asian Americans that exist in America. I was also relieved to find homogeneity within the Asian American community in that we face many of the same struggles of microaggression and underrepresentation. Hence, it is my hope to help the organization grow and extend its reach to as many students on campus and beyond."


  • Lacrosse
  • Traveling
  • Eating
  • Sleeping
  • Watching movies
  • Exploring

Fun Fact - I have an extra bone in my left foot and I can turn my tongue upside down :)


Lily Xie • 谢丽

LNYF Coordinator
Sophomore • Johns Creek, GA

"As an incoming freshman last year, I was skeptical of what kind of Asian American community I would be able to find in Nashville and at Vandy, but I was able to find that community in AASA. AASA events (especially the food ones) helped me miss home a little less, and the best experience of my entire freshman year turned out to be LNYF! "


  • Fashion
  • Figure skating
  • K-pop
  • Animal Crossing

Fun Fact - My favorite K-pop group is Day6 and I collect their albums :)

Publicity Team


Millie Dang

Publicity Chair
Senior • Hong Kong

"Going to school abroad is a fun experience and all, but AASA is one of the places at Vandy that makes me feel at home and I’ve always wanted to be more involved. I'm super excited to contribute and be a part of the AASA team this year!!😊"


  • Singing
  • Finding new places with good food!

Fun Fact - My sister and I both have the character for rice in our Chinese names so our parents call us 大米 and 小米! (big rice and small rice lol)


Josiah Won

Publicity Chair
Sophomore • United States

"I'm Josiah Won!"


  • I'm Josiah Won!

Fun Fact - I'm Josiah Won!


Alice Liao • 廖文欣

Publicity Chair
Senior • Clarksburg, MD

"College can be a major crossroads when it comes to growing and understanding your identity. I've found AASA to be a great avenue of finding support for that process!"


  • Doodling
  • Photoshopping memes
  • Reading
  • Begging my friends to love Carly Rae Jepsen
  • Figure skating

Fun Fact - There is nothing fun about me 😔